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  • Our Team

    Our Team

    In recognition all colleagues for efforts and contributions to the work of K-TEK, as well as to promote communication among colleagues, strengthen communication and docking between teams, enhance friendship and enhance team cohesion, K-TEK regularly organizes and carries...
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  • Processing differences of 6 different metal materials

    Processing differences of 6 different metal materials

    Machining materials are relatively wide, our common materials are steel, aluminum, copper, plastics. ISO standard metal materials are divided into 6 different type groups as below, what are the processing differences of 6 different metal materials? P - Steel M – Stainless Steel K – Casting Iron ...
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  • Advanced Equipment

    Advanced Equipment

        Afer 10 years of development, there were many difficulties in the beginning of the establishment of the factory, the imperfection of the various conditions, for example, the machinery and equipment we process are not perfect and mature enough, capacity and quality will be more or less affecte...
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  • K-Tek&Exhibition


    After ten years of development, K-Tek not only has a large number of professional and technical personnel and excellent management team, but also has a very excellent sales team. In order to let more customers know us, we regularly go to the world to participate in exhibitions,such as United Stat...
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