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K-Tek machining Co., Ltd. located in China. Our company can customize the production of all kinds of precision machinery parts according to the requirements of customers, currently we have 200 employees. Our products  about 20% exported to Japan, 60% exported to Europe and America, we can offer you high quality and competitive price.

Our processing services include:

1) 5 Axis CNC Machining /CNC Milling/CNC Turning

2) EDM Wire-cutting/ WEDM-HS / WEDM-LS

3) Milling/Turning/Grinding.


CNC Milling:

CNC milling is a cost effective solution for machining parts with complex shapes and/or tight tolerances, especially for low volume projects. CNC precision milling can produce virtually any shape where the material is accessible by the rotating cutting tools.  Also, if you have components that are not round or square and have a unique or complex shape, we can help.  With inhouse custom fixturing capabilities, we specialize in the precision milling and precision machining of hard-to-hold, difficult-to-manufacture castings, forgings and other metal components.


CNC Turning:

K-Tek offers a number of precision CNC turning services for a wide range of industries and applications. Turning processes include cutting, facing, threading, forming, drilling, knurling, and boring. We can work with steel, stainless,  brass, bronze, copper, iron,  nickel, tin, titanium, Inconel and more. We can also machine plastics like ABS, Polycarbonate, PVC, and PTFE. Work piece sizes range from less than 1” in diameter to about 10” in diameter, and up to about 12” in length, depending upon part configuration. Thru the bore capacity in the lathes is up to 3” diameter.


Five-axis Machining:

Five-axis machining allows us to move a workpiece along five different axes simultaneously. This provides precision machining of complex parts and the ability to drop-off many components complete…thus making the use of this advanced technology extremely economical. Five-axis CNC machining and five-sided milling is also ideal for achieving the fine surface finishes increasingly being required by our customers.



Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM)  is a highly precise technology to cut nearly any electrically conductive material. A thin, electrically-charged EDM wire mounted between two mechanical guides forms one electrode, while the material being cut forms the other electrode. Electrical discharge between the two electrodes (the wire & the workpiece) creates sparks that cut the material. Because the charged wire never contacts  the workpiece in EDM machining  this process can be used to manufacture very small and delicate parts that require levels of accuracy and intricacy that traditional machining cannot achieve.

Our surface treatment include:

Precision metal finishing:

• Anodize(Ordinary/Hard)

• Zinc Plating(Black/Olive/Blue/……)

• Chemical Conversion Coating

• Passivation(Stainless steel)

• Chrome Plating(Inc.Hard)

• Silver/ Golden Plating

• Sand Blasting / powder spraying/ Galvanizing

• Electro Polishing/ Tin- Plating/ blackening/ PVD etc.

Five-axis machining
CNC machining
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